Lets Get Technical: A Simple Guide to Stock Market Indicators

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For example, I know a swing trader who uses a 9-day moving average based on the daily close.

2. Moving Average Convergence Divergence

He compares it to another technical indicator — the volume weighted average price VWAP — to determine if a trade meets his criteria. However, crossover of a short-term moving average in relation to a longer-term moving average is a common trading signal. More on that later in this post. There are different types of moving average. The three most common are:. The simple moving average is the most common type of moving average.

It takes a sum of past closing prices over a given period and then divides by the number of price or data points. A day SMA takes the last 10 closing prices, adds them together, and then divides by An exponential moving average gives more weight to the most recent data points or prices. This is done by adding a weighted multiplier to the equation. It is slightly more complicated but keeps the moving average line closer to the price changes you see on a chart.

On a chart, the EMA plot line adjusts faster in relation to recent price fluctuations. This is because of the weighted multiplier.

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Like the exponential moving average, the weighted moving average assigns more weight to recent data points. However, in a weighted moving average, distribution of weighting is equal.

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In an exponential moving average, the weighting is exponential. Trailing average is another name for moving average. Moving average, rolling average, and trailing average mean the same thing — but different industries prefer one term over the other. Some MS Excel experts prefer the term trailing average. With all modern charting and trading software, you can pull up technical indicators as overlays on the chart.

Ready to give it a go? Take the closing prices for the number of days you want known as the period , add them together, and divide by the number of days. For example, a day SMA adds the last 10 closing prices and then divides them by Once the next closing price is known, drop the first number from the sequence and make the new closing price the last number. In the equation, the first data point is now 7. Now the sequence adds up to Divide by 10 and you get 8. On and on it goes.

Categories of Technical Indicators

Each new SMA gets plotted on the chart. The exponential moving average is a bit more complicated. You got this, right? Before you do the calculation, let me explain a couple of things. Current day close is the last number in your set. In real-world EMA calculations, the more data points, the more accurate the output. Then in the equation is the period or number of days. In this case, Remember your order of operations from math class? Here it is: 10 — 8. In our example above, the SMA for this day closing price 10 was 8.

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The EMA is 8. How would you like to have to do that every time you wanted to plot the EMA? In my opinion, you should do the same. Any modern charting software or tool lets you calculate moving averages, both simple and exponential. You put in the time period and — boom — plot line appears on the chart. You gotta love it.

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Volume Profile Indicators Volume Profile is a vital tool that shows the most traded prices for a particular time period. It plots volume as a histogram on the price bar, so you can see the levels where you need them.