Diaries of a Dwarven Rifleman: Rear Guard (Dwarven Rifleman Series)

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Stahl-Mask's Doom Squad. Johnson's Church Rev. Black Wargaming Dice: Black w. Red Wargaming Dice: Blue w. White Wargaming Dice: Green w. White Wargaming Dice: White w. Chronomancer and Apprentice. Markers for The Ministry of Gentlemanly Warfare.

Stryker, U. Mounted Roman General and dog! ECW rules. Junior Druzhina Command Sd. Fireball Forward! Pikeman's Lament Company. Danish Dragoons. Dominque, Royal-Etranger Fusiliers Vols. Book and PDFs U. Rocket Corps Flying U.


Rear Guard (Dwarven Rifleman) by Linda S Pearce and Michael Tinker Pearce

Rocket Corps Landed 1 U. Danish Livgarde Infantry. Hab-Block 1 District I. Hab-Block 2 District I. Hab-Block 3 District I. The Deluge. Muskets Chouan Casualties. Dwarf Wizard. Naval Deck Crew U. But still, first update! And it starts with a nice healthy topping of mushroom man paranoia too. This is gonna be a fun fort.

The Rifleman Intro

Monitor Lisard Bay Watcher You're a big lizard. This one seems rather interesting Can I be dorfed? Name's Vector or Vex for short , preferably male if female, name her Vexxy.

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Any profession will do if talking abot starting dwarves, i'd rather choose the woodworker. Vex used to live in a small dwarven town to the north. He spent a year hunting for large beasts in local marshes. That earned him his nickname: Vector the Crocodile. A calm and rational dwarf, he enjoys telling stories by the campfire. Although he may not look like it, he's quite endure and strong.

A keen historian and biologist, he also knows a thing or two about use of firearms and throwing weapons. I'll provide some more backstory later. ML's forum games and other good stuff Quote from: eliman47 on June 05, , pm. Ah, it begins! I shiver with anticipation. I'amrakul My hilarious signature. Reudh Bay Watcher Perge scelus mihi diem perficias. Heck to the yes! Wonderful OP, and wonderful first post, Splint! I'm worried about such large animals being near us, but thankfully Emtan and Urir finished making the ditch largely impassable Red pandas can't fly can they?

Course they can't. Not sure why his plans look so I mean who the hell is gonna see it from above? Why the hell are they doing this, I don't even like plump helmet men!! Reudh needs something to do and a diseased-turd colored wall is better than no wall at all.

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That and Urir needs to make a lever to control the drawbridge. And by train I mean basically whack it until I get bored or sleepy. And Cerol told Urir to quit digging long enough to get the bridge finished. Evidently she's a little paranoid about disease, and wants to be able to lock the inevitable group of fellow societal fuck-ups that will show up in a month or two out until they prove they're clean.

Or they all die of whatever horrible contagion they brought with them. Y'know, whichever happens first. Oh, and we also got some beds and Reudh's making some tables, so There's that. Armorstand Beds 7th Hematite -The next couple pages appear to have suffered some minor water damage, but it's still legible. Who brought another damned smurf.

Diaries of a Dwarven Rifleman: Rear Guard (Dwarven Rifleman Series)

One of the migrants also brought what looked like a genie if I'm not mistaken. And while we were out telling them they'd have to wait a little while to see if anyone was sick, someone carrying a toolmaker's kit and wearing Fisher Guild colors was acting a little strange. Nothing too serious though. I mean she's a Fisher, so weirdness is expected from them.

Unless she starts killing people. Then there's a problem, and the solution is in my sheath. In fact, the new people are doing pretty well! They're clearing the soon-to-be depot area and seem content to survive on fish that one dwarf, Urist I think his name was, catches in a nearby pond and off of river water. Probably due to having to live on that stuff on the way here.

Hell, I'm amazed we had any booze left considering how fuckin' hot is is up north. End of the moth rolls around, they'll be let in with a clean bill of health though. So I whacked Julius in the back of the head and told him to make the tools for it and told him I'd feed him to the smurfs if he gave me any lip about it.